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The Rotimatic - Automated Roti Maker. 

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The Rotimatic - Automated Roti Maker. 


Click here to view the Rotimatic - User Manual in PDF Format.

The Rotimatic - Automated Roti Maker. 

Be an integral part of change

At Rotimatic, we value creativity, diversity, and dedication. Different perspectives. Different ideas. Different cultures. We make sure each voice is heard.

We are inventors, creators, disruptors and we look for people from around the world who are hungry, fierce, passionate, and will work to make a difference to the lives of our users. We are not afraid and we never say no. We aim to attract believers who are willing to put their ideas to test.

We are transforming the way people cook and eat by bringing robotics to the kitchen top. With a revenue of USD 20 million in our first year, and 24+ million rotis made across 12 markets by 40,000+ happy families, we are the next big thing waiting to happen.

Product Specifications:

40 cm x 40 cm x 45 cm
16 x 16 x 18 inches

Voltage and power rating
Rated Input Voltage:

110 - 120V AC (ZMA0111A model)
220 - 240V AC (ZMA0111 model)

Rated Input Power: 1600 - 1800 Watts

Weight 20 kgs or 44 lbs

What Comes In The Box:

1. Rotimatic
2. User Manual
3. Quick Start Guide
4. Magic Brush
5. Magic Stick
6. Power Cord


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The Rotimatic - Automated Roti Maker. 

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